Are Command Hooks Waterproof

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Regular Command Hooks are not water proof. When exposed to humid environments or water, the adhesive seal becomes compromised, and it will fail, causing the hook to fall off. However, Command have ranges of bathroom and outdoor hooks with water-resistant adhesive strips.

On the list of home-related things that I find annoying (and I know that I am not alone on this) hooks falling off the wall are up there with dripping taps, the sound of my coffee grinder running out of beans when I’m trying to get my morning coffee, and bedroom cupboard doors that just won’t close that last fraction of an inch to sit flush like the others. So, when I go to buy hooks, they had better be well up to the task they need to perform.

Command hooks are known for their resilience and damage-free design and are often a great substitute for nails or screws in your walls, which is a great option when you rent. As innovative as they are, they often seem to struggle with places of high humidity or areas that tend to get wet, such as the bathroom or outdoors. However, Command are aware of these limitations and have come up with some great alternatives.

Can You Use Regular Command Strips in the Shower?

The general consensus is you shouldn’t use regular Command Strips in the shower.

Use in Wet/Humid Places Not Manufacturer Recommend

When you examine the “from the manufacturer” section on regular Command Hook product pages, such as for the Command General Purpose Variety Kit (amazon link), you will see that they do not recommend using regular strips near the shower. Instead, they suggest purchasing hooks from their bathroom-specific range (which we discuss later).

Command further recommends that bath or outdoor-specific strips be used in a humid environment, not regular strips. So, even if you do not have splashes or streams of water coming into direct contact with the strips, moisture in the air can cause a problem.

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To see which strips are suitable for humid or wet environments, you can click on a product on their website. Under specifications, it should say “Good for Humid Environments: Yes/No.”


The reason for this comes down to the type of adhesive used by regular Command Strips. The adhesive is a synthetic rubber resin adhesive. It is very strong and can last for a long time under most conditions.

Some levels of humidity won’t do much harm to the strips, but when in contact with water or high humidity, such as in the bath or shower, the adhesive begins to break down, resulting in the strip falling off of the wall.

As said above, bath or outdoor-specific strips are recommended for any indoor environment that may be routinely soaked, but it also applies to the outdoors.

Even if rain isn’t extremely common where you live, one rain shower can completely ruin the seal for good. This is why it is smart to purchase and use outdoor-specific strips if the hooks are being used outside whether or not you live in a rainy area.

Command Hooks That Are Waterproof

When you go to hang up your bath towel and the hook just pops off of the wall, it’s a heart-sinking moment because you know that from that day onwards, (or at least until you can get a package of hooks), you will be pressing the hook back onto the wall multiple times a day.

Thankfully, there are a few options for Command Hooks whose adhesive can resist water and whose material can is resistant to water damage.

Bath Range

Bath Command Hooks are specially made for humid conditions or even scenarios where the hook may get wet.

To adjust to high amounts of humidity and wet conditions, bathroom adhesive strips have a similar adhesive to regular Command Hooks, but the adhesive is now water-resistant.

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Command claims that “Water-resistant adhesive strips are tested and proven to hold better than suction cups in wet, hot and humid conditions, keeping the things you need within reach.”

In addition to their improved water resistance, bath-specific hooks still have the traditional Command properties as far as no tools needed, no wall damage, and strong adhesive.

For small, ~1 lb. items such as loofahs, razors, or washcloths, the Command Small Bath Hook (amazon link) can be placed in the shower. For larger items such as towels, the Command Bath Large Towel Hook (amazon link) can be placed anywhere in your bathroom as long as it’s on a smooth surface.

You can also use these ones in your kitchen organization as a kitchen is another room in the house where the adhesive strip could be exposed to water. The regular hooks can still find a home here, too, as they are great for hanging kitchen utensils and door organizers that can help you maximize pantry shelf space.

Outdoor Range

Conditions outdoors are even more unfriendly than in a bathroom. Not only can there be humid conditions year-round in some areas of the world, but the adhesive of the hooks must also be able to withstand rain, freezing temperatures, and ultraviolet radiation.

Command Outdoor Large Window Hook, Clear, 1-Hook, 2-Strips, Decorate Damage-Free

To handle these harsh conditions, the outdoor range of Command Hooks is both water and UV-resistant. The adhesive can also withstand temperatures as low as 20 °F and up to 125 °F.

The outdoor hook’s strength and durability are suited for string lights, rope lights, and other seasonal decor as well as heavy items such as bird feeders and grill utensils.

For heavier items like bird feeders or wreaths around 4 lbs, the Command Outdoor Large Window Hook (amazon link) will allow them to be hung nicely on any window.

Command Outdoor Light Clips, Clear, 20-Clips, 24-Strips, Decorate Damage-Free

For hanging up lights or other outdoor decor, a pack of several resilient hooks such as the Command Indoor Outdoor Light Clips (amazon link) should allow you to hang lights with no damage to your home.


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