Best 100-110 CFM Bathroom Exhaust Fan ( 3 amazing options)

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I hope you have used my bathroom fan CFM calculator to figure out the optimal airflow needed for your bathroom.

A 100 CFM bathroom fan will be great for medium to large full bathrooms.

I will include one exhaust fan in the list that has multiple speed settings. One of them is 100 CFM. This will allow greater flexibility.

If you would like to learn more on how to choose the right bathroom fan for you. Head out to my guide with 6 easy steps to finding the right bathroom fan.

Here are what I consider the 3 best 100 CFM bathroom exhaust fans on the market today.

This is not a list of random 100 CFM fans. If I were in the market for a bathroom fan today, I would choose one from this list.

Panasonic FV-0511VQC1– The Best Overall 110 CFM Bathroom Fan

If there ever was such a thing as a perfect bathroom exhaust fan I would have to say that this is it!

Well… the price is less than perfect, but you get what you pay for. I understand that this is a lot of money for a bathroom fan. But consider this the superman of bathroom fans. 🙂

It is extremely quiet(it holds a top position in my quiet bathroom list), has a built-in humidity sensor that actually works and the state of art ECM motor will regulate CFM depending on the static pressure of the duct. Panasonic calls this Smart flow.

Here is a small table to illustrate the benefit of a ECM smart flow bathroom fan.

0.1 inches w.g static pressure0.25 inces w.g static pressure
Panasonic FV-0511VQC1110 CFM111 CFM
Bathroom fan without ECM motor110 CFM80 CFM
Smart flow vs conventional bathroom fans

The static pressure can be higher than normal if one of the following is true:

  • The Ventilation duct is too long
  • The duct has too many 90 degree turns
  • Undersized duct
  • Long Corrugated ventilation duct e.g flexi duct

This fan can be operated by:

• Motion on/Motion off
• Motion on/Humidity off
• Humidity on/Humidity off
• Variable humidity controls from
30-80% Relative Humidity (RH)
• Adjustable delay timer from
30 seconds to 60 minutes

I don’t think there is anything else I could ask out of a bathroom fan.

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This is such a versatile piece of equipment that it will be suitable for so many different needs. If you can afford it, it’s a great choice.

Airflow50-110 CFM
Duct size4″ & 6″
Noise Level0.3 Sones @ 100 CFM
UL listed for installation over a tub or shower on a GFCI circuit.Yes
Suitable for continuous operationNo
Yearly running cost (3 hours per day)$ 2.80
Yearly running cost continuous ventilation$ —
Warranty6 years
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Panasonic FV-0511VQC1 specs

Air King BFQ 110 – The Best 100 CFM fan for Sound Privacy

Most people prefer a quiet bathroom fan, one that is barely noticeable. While others like the fan to make enough noise to provide sound privacy.

This is the fan for the job. At 3.5 sones it will be noisy enough to conceal any embarrassing bathroom noises.

It comes with a gravity-operated plastic backdraft damper. They tend to be noisy when it is very windy outside. This type of damper is also not very air-tight, so you might feel a slight breeze coming from the fan when it is very cold out.

To be fair, this is the case with almost all integrated backdraft dampers. I was not able to find a 50 CFM exhaust fan with a spring-loaded damper.

This is why I recommend removing the original plastic damper and install a proper spring-loaded rubber-sealed backdraft damper.

always rave about the AC infinity dampers. I truly believe that they are the best on the market. They are a bit pricier than the basic dampers out there, but you get a more premium product as well. Here is a 4″ damper from them. (amazon link)

There is another option for bathroom sound privacy. A Bluetooth bathroom speaker (amazon link). Which in my opinion, is a better choice than a loud bathroom fan.

Airflow100 CFM
Duc size4″
Noise Level3.5 Sones
UL listed for installation over a tub or shower on a GFCI circuit.Yes
Suitable for continuous operationYes
Yearly running cost (3 hours per day)$6.30
Yearly running cost continuous ventilation$ 50.40
Warranty1 year
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Air King BFQ 110 Specs

Panasonic FV-0810VSS1 – The Best Low Profile 100 CFM Bathroom Fan

The Panasonic FV-0810VSS1 will fit into even the narrowest spaces. Measuring just 3-3/8 deep. It is the lowest profile energy star certified bathroom fan.

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This is one of the few bathroom fans that fit in a 2 x 4 wall.

Panasonic high-end exhaust fans are one of the few out there that have spring-loaded dampers. This will eliminate the need for a secondary damper and make installation that much easier.

This fan is so energy efficient that the yearly running costs are under $2.

Airflow 50-110 CFM
Duc size4″ Oval
Noise Level0.9 Sones
UL listed for installation over a tub or shower on a GFCI circuit.Yes
Suitable for continuous operationNo
Yearly running cost (3 hours per day)$1.70
Yearly running cost continuous ventilation$ —
Warranty 6 years
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Panasonic FV-0810VSS1 Specs
Bathroom exhaust fan airflow CFM chart

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