9 Best High CFM Bathroom Fans (290 CFM+)

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If you are anything like me and take everything to the extreme you will be excited to see what the 10 most powerful residential bathroom exhaust fans are.

The highest CFM inline bathroom exhaust fan is Hurricane GL56736590. It moves 1060 cubic feet of air per second. The Highest CFM regular bathroom fan is Air King High performance with 620 CFM

I will start with the most powerful fan and move on to the lower CFM-s. Not to say that the nr. 9 fan is not powerful. It will still be likely too much CFM for your bathroom.

If you want to stay reasonable and go with a regular bathroom fan, I have a guide to choosing the right bathroom fan.

Hurricane 12 Inch Inline Exhaust Fan – 1060 CFM

Let me be honest… I only included this to be silly :). There is no way that somebody would use this in their home. It has a 12-inch duct connection, I really doubt that any homes have that kind of ducting installed.

This is the highest CFM inline fan on the market today.

They do however offer similar exhaust fans with smaller ducts as-well. But of-course not 1000+ CFM.

This is the only inline fan I will include in this list, as most people use wall or ceiling mounted units.

CFMNoise(Sones)Amps(Watts)Air duct connectionDamper included?
1060Not specified in the manual. 2.5(300)12″No

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Air King High performance – 620 CFM

Air King is an excellent choice for a massive master bathroom. However, keep in mind that It has aluminum dampers that could make noise when it is windy outside.

Air King High Performance with 620 CFM is by far the most powerful conventional bathroom fan on the market. (This means that the fan is located in the bathroom)

Upside to having a bathroom fan this powerful is that it could effectively be used to ventilate any room in the house that is being painted.

  • High efficiency permanent split capacitor motor.
  • HVI certified
CFMNoise(Sones)Amps(Watts)Air duct connectionDamper included?
6201.5 sones @ 420 CFM
3.5 sones @ 620 CFM
1.5(180)4,5″ x 18.5″Yes

Broan-Nutone l400 – 434 CFM

  • Not for use over tub or in shower
  • Wall or ceilin installation
CFMNoise(Sones)Amps(Watts)Air duct connectionDamper included?
4342.3 @ 434 CFM
1.4(168)4,5″ x 18.5″Yes

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Broan-Nutone 506 – 430 CFM

It will move a whopping 430 Cubic feet of air per minute. If you follow the rule of thumb of 1 CFM per 1 sq. ft; Then you can use this fan in an up to 430 square feet bathroom.

Before you rush to buy this fan keep in mind that it is NOISY! At 7.5 sones it is one of the loudest fans out there. You can read here what the sone rating means exactly.

Some people use this in place of a kitchen exhaust fan, but I would not recommend this. This fan does not have a grease filter so all that grease will be deposited on the fan and could even lead to a fire.

  • Chain operated
  • Foam insulated damper
CFMNoise(Sones)Amps(Watts)Air duct connectionDamper included?
4307.5 @ 430 CFM

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Broan-Nutone 504 – 350 CFM

This is more suitable for a laundry room than a bathroom. At 6.5 sones it is too loud to be used close to a bedroom.

Find out here why it is bad to install a bathroom fan that is overpowered.

  • Ceiling mounted
  • HVI certified
  • Paintable grille
CFMNoise(Sones)Amps(Watts)Air duct connectionDamper included?
3506.5 @ 350 CFM

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Broan-NuTone L300 – 308 CFM

Broan-NuTone L300 High Capacity Ventilator Fan, Commercial Exhaust Fan, 2.9 Sones, 120V, 308 CFM, White

As you can see from the table below it is quite energy inefficient compared to some of the other exhaust fans on this list. This is because most of the other fans are using modern brushless motors.

However, it is an old and proven design with a permanently lubricated motor and will provide many years of trouble-free operation.

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  • Can be either wall or ceiling mounted
  • Suitable for continuous ventilation
CFMNoise(Sones)Amps(Watts)Air duct connectionDamper included?
3082,9 @ 308 CFM

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(My Choice) Delta BreezProfessional Pro300 – 300 CFM

As we move down the list we are beginning to see some fans that would actually be suited for a normal household bathroom and not a warehouse 🙂

This is actually something I would use myself, it is the perfect balance between capacity/energy efficiency and noise level. Still overpowered for a typical suburban bathroom but not too much.

It is UL/cUL listed for use over a bathtub or shower when installed with a GFCI. Read more about installing the bathroom fan in a shower.

  • ENERGY STAR certified with brushless DC motor
  • Very energy efficient at 7.3 CFM per Watt
  • Minimalistic looks
  • Rated for Continuous operation
CFMNoise(Sones)Amps(Watts)Air duct connectionDamper included?
3002 Sones @ 300 CFM

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Panasonic FV-30VQ3 – 290 CFM

Panasonic FV-30VQ3 WhisperCeiling Ventilation Fan, Quiet Air Flow, Long Lasting, Easy to Install, Code Compliant, Energy Star Certified, White

This is another excellent choice. Very quiet for the amount of air it moves. It is also very energy efficient and can be used for continuous ventilation.

  • Energy-star certified
  • Complies with most state building codes
  • Can be installed in a shower when using GFCI.
CFMNoise(Sones)Amps(Watts)Air duct connectionDamper included?
2902 Sones @ 290 CFM

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Kaze Appliance SEPD300L2 – 290 CFM

This is not something I would use since there are better alternatives for 300 CFM range exhaust fans. 4 sones is excessive noise since competing products are much quieter and efficient.

This could be a good option if you like the integrated light/night light combo and would install it with a speed controller. Then you could run it on low rpm-s most of the time to keep it quiet.

Read my article about how to slow down a bathroom fan if you wish to learn more.

  • 11 Watt warm white LED light + 2-watt night light
  • HVI certified
  • Brushless motor
CFMNoise(Sones)Amps(Watts)Air duct connectionDamper included?
2904 Sones @ 290 CFM

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Bathroom exhaust fan airflow CFM chart

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