Do Philips hue bulbs work in ceiling fans?

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While some time ago ceiling fan’s main job was to offer a cooling effect as today they still have the same task to fill however now a ceiling fan can even be the centerpiece of the room.

Having a nice-looking ceiling fan can look even more appealing with a smart light bulb. Let’s see if it is possible and a good idea.

Philips hue bulbs work in a ceiling fan that has two separate switches. One for the light and the other for the ceiling fan. The switch used for the light needs to be without dimmer.

So now we know how it should be. You might think why it’s so! Let me get to that.

Why Does Smart Light Bulbs/Philips Hue Bulb need to have its own switch?

Normally, we don’t want to leave unnecessary things that run on electricity turned on, since this will only raise the utility bill.

However, when you want to use smart lights you need to consider that these lights need to be left on 24/7.

That means when you switch the Hue light bulb on it needs to stay on. This way you can be sure you have wireless control over the bulb all day every day.

If you have a ceiling fan with one switch to control the light and ceiling fan then it will not work, because you would need to leave the fan turned on all the time in order for the hue bulb to be connected.

Having a ceiling fan with two switches will work perfectly.

The moment your light loses power it is cut off from your smart home device and is no longer wirelessly controllable. The smart light is using electricity even when it is turned off.

When you live alone then the manual wall switch will not be a problem because no one will be playing with it or just forget that it needed to be on.

But when you have a household with kids then it’s a good idea to exchange your old manual wall switch for the smart switch. This way the smart light will not turn to dumb light every day.

Believe me, it will avoid the constant arguing about who has played again with the switch. Even more, save your nerves and everyone’s good mood.

The smart switch also removes the small delay problems that can sometimes occur with old school wall switches when used with smart light.

Smart switches are getting more and more popular and people really like them. This smart switch on Amazon is one that works well, has many different functions, and looks nice.

Why Smart Light Bulb Don’t Work With Dimmer Switch

Smart lights are designed with their own dimming mechanism built-in. When you now connect your smart light with an extra dimmable wall switch then two dimmers can go to battle and make your light flicker.

Using a wall dimmer switch can even damage your smart light. In order for the smart bulb to work it needs a constant AC current flowing to it. If there is a dimmer in between this current will be altered and the bulb will not work properly. It is very important that there is no dimmer switch installed for a smart bulb.

Choose a Correct Socket For Your Smart Bulb

Before you decide to buy new smart lights for your ceiling fan you need to make sure they will fit in your fan.

Some ceiling fans have built-in led lights that are not designed to be changed.

These fans have been designed to last less than the lights that come with them. If that’s the case then unfortunately you cannot use a smart bulb in your ceiling fan.

Another case is if you have a ceiling fan that has lights that are changeable but the socket is not right. Here is an easy solution if there is little extra space. You can buy these adapters sockets from amazon to change a small chandelier (E12) to the standard socket (E26/E27).

Even better is if you are looking to buy a ceiling fan. Then you can make sure to go with the fan that have right bulb socket and just skip this problem.

What Kind of Different Hue bulbs are there?

Bulb name Socket TypView on AmazonBulb ColourWeatherproof
WHITE PAR38E26E/27ViewBright white light+
WHITE A19E267/E27ViewWarm white
E26/E27ViewWarm-to-cool white light
E26/E27ViewWhite and colored light
E26/E27ViewWarm-to-cool white light
WHITE BR30E26/E27ViewSoft white light
WHITE AND COLOR AMBIANCE BR30E26/E27ViewWhite and colored light
E26/E27ViewSoft white light
E26/E27ViewWhite and colored light
WHITE FILAMENT ST19E26/E27ViewSoft white light vintage bulb
WHITE FILAMENT A19E26/E27ViewSoft white light vintage bulb
WHITE FILAMENT G25E26/E27ViewSoft white light vintage bulb
WHITE AMBIANCEGU10Warm-to-cool white light
WHITE AND COLOR AMBIANCE GU10GU10ViewWhite and colored light
WHITEE12/E11ViewSoft white light
WHITE AMBIANCEE12/E11ViewWarm to cool white light
WHITE AND COLOR AMBIANCEE12/E11ViewWhite and colored light

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