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Gas Dryers | Do They Come With LP Conversion Kit?

Gas dryers use natural gas by default but can be converted to LP (liquified petroleum, also called propane). For example, LP conversion is necessary if your house does not have natural gas lines and you don’t want an electric dryer. Plus, propane is cleaner and more efficient than natural gas.

Conversion kits are actually really simple, so you would think that this extra part or two would just be included with the dryer. However, it appears that this is not likely to be the case. But don’t worry! Getting hold of a conversion kit shouldn’t be too difficult or expensive.

Most gas dryers do not initially come with LP conversion kits. Almost all gas dryers can be converted, but generally, the kit will need to be purchased separately for under $50.

Few Dryers Come With Conversion Kits

There are conversion kits available for almost all gas dryers, but they typically are not included with your purchase. While many gas stoves come with conversion kits affixed to the back with the manual, it is less common for gas dryers to automatically come with them.

When evaluating listings on Best Buy, Sears, and Home Depot, I did not find any dryers that come with conversion kits. Instead, home appliance websites will clearly list whether a dryer is convertible and state the part number of the conversion kit so that you can buy it separately.

Popular dryers from 7 major brands (all are LP convertible):

BrandModelIncludes LP conversion kit?
Whirlpool7 Cu. Ft. Gas Dryer with AutoDry (Model WGD4950HW)No
LG7.4 Cu. Ft. Stackable Smart Gas Dryer (Model DLG3601V)No
Insignia6.7 Cu. Ft. 12-Cycle Gas Dryer (Model NS-TDRG67W1)No
Samsung7.2 Cu. Ft. Gas Dryer with Sensor (Model DVG45T3200W)No
Amana6.5 Cu. Ft. Gas Dryer with Automatic Dryness Control (Model NGD4655EW)No
Maytag7.4 Cu. Ft. Smart Gas Dryer with Steam (Model MGD7230HW)No
GE7.2 Cu. Ft. Gas Dryer (Model GTD33GASKWW)No

To determine whether the kit is included before purchasing, look at the specifications. For example, Best Buy has the category “Propane Conversion Kit Included: Yes/No.” Sears lists extras like conversion kits under “Product Includes.” Other websites list it under “Accessories.”

If you still can’t tell, search the kit’s part number and see if the item listing for the kit itself says “not included with dryer purchase.”

If you’ve already purchased your dryer, look on the back for a plastic bag containing two small brass orifices and one brass blocking pin (which looks like an orifice with a white plastic tube attached). The manual will also indicate where the conversion kit is stashed, if there is one.

LP Gas Dryer Conversion Kit Replacement Part"W10606694A"

Kits Can Also Be Purchased Separately

If your dryer didn’t come with a kit, don’t worry! Manufacturers sell kits separately and relatively cheaply.

One reason for this is that many appliance stores offer LP conversion as a service when they install a new dryer.

They may assume that buyers who don’t immediately request a conversion don’t need the kit lying around. Or if you have an older dryer that once had a kit, the original kit may have been lost or damaged.

Kits are not universal, so you need to purchase the specific kit prescribed and supplied by the dryer manufacturer. Find the kit’s part number in the dryer manual or on the manufacturer’s website under specifications.

Using the part number and brand, you can buy the kit (amazon link) online or from the manufacturer or hardware stores.

Tip: Although you should always check the model and part number, there are some conversion kits that work for multiple dryers. Samsung offers a conversion kit that claims to work for all Samsung dryers.

Kits typically cost between $20-$50, though some can be as expensive as $75.

You also have to consider the cost of installation if you are not comfortable installing it yourself. Installation often requires disassembling the dryer door and drum, and some manufacturers advise against DIY installation.

If you install the kit yourself, you still need to organize any inspections required by local codes.

If you know that you need to use propane, it is more convenient and often more cost-effective to request an LP conversion at the time of installation.

Dryer installation plus propane conversion costs around $250 when performed by a licensed professional.

Technician repairing a dryer and a washer

Can All Dryers Be Converted? 

Most gas appliances can be converted to propane in theory, but some are not intended to be. It is increasingly common for manufacturers to design appliances for only one type of fuel, so newer appliances are sometimes less flexible.

Still, the vast majority of dryers can be converted. When researching the top 8 brands, every gas dryer I encountered was convertible to propane. Just remember that you cannot convert gas dryers to electric.

If you’re buying a new dryer, look for “Propane (LP) Convertible: Yes” or “Propane Conversion Kit Model Compatibility” in the specifications.

If you want to convert a dryer that you already have, follow the instructions above to see if there is a conversion kit attached to the dryer.

If your dryer did not automatically come with a conversion kit, that does not necessarily mean that you can’t convert it. You probably just need to buy the kit separately. Look in the manual for the part number of the kit, or search your model on the manufacturer’s website to order the right kit.

Woman reading a manual for a washer

If the manufacturer does not sell a conversion kit for your dryer, it should not be converted unless you consult directly with the manufacturer’s technical support and a professional contractor.

If your dryer manual does not mention LP conversion, that is also a sign that it should not be converted.

Using the wrong kit or performing a DIY conversion when the manufacturer does not recommend it can lead to issues with warranties and insurance.


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