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Does IKEA Furniture Come With Tools

To feel like a home, a house must be furnished with the decor and furniture that brings you joy and peace as well as performs necessary functions for your everyday life. For their affordable and great products, IKEA should definitely be on your list of places to visit when choosing things to fill your home with.

However, unlike most other furniture stores, IKEA will require you, the customer, to assemble the product yourself, only giving you the deconstructed pieces in a box. I know you might be panicking—I don’t even own a hammer! Fear not because the manufacturers tend to cater to even the most amateur of DIY-ers.

IKEA furniture comes with the basic tools required to complete most, if not all, of the assembly. They provide screwdrivers, wrenches, and Allen wrenches. These tools are low-quality. Sometimes, tools like hammers and power drills are needed. These are not provided, nor are rulers, pencils, and spirit levels.

IKEA Furniture Comes With Some Tools

IKEA furniture manufacturers do not expect their customers to have every single tool available for assembling their products. You might need to gather additional tools in order to complete the project, but you will usually be provided with the basics in order to get most of the job done.

Tools for furniture assembly

Tools Provided

You will definitely be provided with any basic tools needed for assembly. This includes screwdrivers, wrenches, and Allen Wrenches in the appropriate size for your particular piece.

Tools Not Provided

IKEA furniture is notably affordable. So, it makes sense that they would not be including every single tool you need for assembly, particularly the more heavy-duty or expensive ones. For example, you will be expected to supply your own hammer and a power drill (plus the accompanying drill bits) should they be required to complete the project.

You will also be in charge of providing additional equipment that will assist you with constructing your project. For instance, when putting up shelves, you will need a spirit level to make sure your shelves are sitting straight on the wall. A spirit level is never going to be included in your package.

Additionally, you will also have to use your own pencil and measuring tools such as a ruler or tape if needed in the construction process. Or you can look for products that don’t require assembly.

How To Know if IKEA Provides Tools for An Item

If you want to be certain of which tools IKEA will provide for a particular item that you have your eye on, then simply search for it on the IKEA website and locate the product information. Just click on the product assembly document and it will tell what tools are included, or what tools you will need to have yourself.

The tools that are included will usually be indicated right before the instructions begin. You can see an example in the instructions for this item, which indicate the inclusion of a small wrench in the package.

Tools Provided Are Not High-Quality

When you see that the product you bought comes with the appropriate tools for assembly, do not get your hopes up that the tools are of Craftsman or Leatherman quality.

The tools allocated to you are purely made with the purpose of allowing you to get that single job done. They are unlikely to join your higher-quality screwdrivers and hammers in your trusty toolbox as they probably won’t last more than a couple of uses.

Furthermore, they are not designed ergonomically. There will typically be no grip to make holding them easier and they will be small versions of these tools, making them more “fiddley” to use.

Usually, the Allen keys are quite sturdy though, and it is always useful to keep a couple of those just in case you need to tighten or loosen an aspect of your product in the future.

Nevertheless, do not be disappointed if the tools become brittle, snap or break easily, sometimes even during the assembly.

IKEA Tells You What Other Tools You Need

IKEA will provide you with the basic tools you will need that should get you through most, if not all of the assembly of your new product. However, you might need additional tools to get the whole job done.

Assorted Woodwork and Carpentry or Construction Tools on Pine Wood Texture Background.

IKEA removes the guessing game aspect of this and tells you exactly what other tools you will need in order to assemble each new piece of furniture.

In the product assembly document that comes with your product, or can be found online on the IKEA website which you can peruse before you actually purchase the item, you will see that IKEA specifies exactly what other tools are required. You can see what I mean in the instructions for this item.

The tools you will need will be clearly indicated, down to the specific screwdriver you will be required to use and even the pencil and ruler that will be necessary to make appropriate measurements.

Being able to see the document before you purchase your product is especially helpful as you can organize the additional tools for the day you decide to purchase it so that you are not running around your home (or neighborhood) looking for a power drill.

IKEA Also Provides All Hardware

You may need to borrow a power drill or level from your neighbor, but you definitely won’t have to make a trip to your local department store to purchase any hardware items required to construct your piece of furniture.

If IKEA expected you to buy each individual bolt, nut, and screw that you would need for assembling a bookshelf or bed frame, well, then they may as well not label what they sell as furniture. It would qualify more as “parts” or scrap pieces of wood or metal.

With every packaged box of furniture, you will find the required amount of smaller hardware items that you will need to assemble your product. You might even get a few extras in case you misplace a screw or two, but you could end up being slightly short by one—human error does happen.

In such a case, simply contact the IKEA from which you purchased the product, and they should be able to issue you with replacement parts, albeit in a few days.


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