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IKEA Microwave | Who Actually Makes Them?

Walking into an IKEA store or clicking through the website online, you are sure to find many options for appliances to purchase. While the appliances appear to be branded ‘IKEA’, the company does not actually manufacture the electronic appliances themselves, like they do their furniture.

IKEA microwaves are no exception. A quick search online will deliver a decent variety of microwaves available, all ranging in price and style, yet, all lacking information about who actually makes them. To find this out, it seems that you have to go deep-diving, but, luckily, I have done it for you.

IKEA microwaves are probably made by Electrolux. The IKEA US site does not mention who the manufacturer is. However, looking at the products and some other evidence, Electrolux is the most likely manufacturer at present.

Whirlpool Was the Previous Manufacturer

Research shows that Whirlpool was the primary manufacturer of IKEA’s electrical appliances in the past. Whirlpool is a common household name, which is a small indication of the popularity of the brand and the success of the business.

You are able to see this in the IKEA appliance warranty document, which states that all aftersales services will be completed by Whirlpool themselves.

However, if you look closely at the document, you will see that it was published over a decade ago, making it quite outdated and no longer accurate.

Since then, the manufacturer of IKEA microwaves has changed.

Current Microwave Manufacturers

In the last couple of years (around 2020), there appears to have been a shift from Whirlpool as the manufacturer to predominantly Electrolux-manufactured appliances.

IKEA's microwave manufacturer from previous to current

It has become apparent to frequent IKEA goers that the microwaves available for sale IKEA spark a resemblance to Electrolux products, with only slight variations. Of course, the IKEA one lacks branding as well.

For instance, IKEA’s VÄLSKAPT microwave looks really similar to the Electrolux EMOW1911AS. The only difference is the color of the glass screen as well as the stark increase in price from IKEA’s version to the Electrolux version.

You can also see the similarities between IKEA’s MEDELNIVÅ microwave and Frigidaire’s Gallery 1.9 Cu. Ft. Over-The-Range Microwave.

There has also been speculation that MIDEA is also a contributor to the manufacturing of some of IKEA’s microwaves, although this has not been absolutely confirmed as yet.

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Comparing Branded Microwaves With IKEA Microwaves

Now that it has been clarified that other brands, and well-known ones at that, are the actual manufacturers of IKEA microwaves, you may be wondering what the point is of even buying the branded microwave from their origin stores, if you can simply get it from IKEA at almost half the cost.

IKEA is known for its affordability, and its electrical appliances are no different. You can get an Electrolux look-alike from IKEA for half of what it would cost you from the suppliers, however, you do get what you paid for.

The IKEA microwave will not hold the branding, and will look slightly different. IKEA will have wanted to keep the manufacturing costs as low as possible to cater for their audience, so the quality of the microwaves might not measure up to their branded counterparts.

The branded microwaves will probably have more features and higher-end finishes, making their cost necessary.

When you look at the finer details, IKEA products have a warranty of 5 years, whereas Electrolux has a limited 24-month warranty.

Manufacturers in Other Countries

IKEA is a near-worldwide company. Their appliance manufacturers—Midea, Electrolux, and Whirlpool—are also well-known and used in most countries. With this in mind, there is really no reason why IKEA would find independent manufacturers for each country.

IKEA’s range of microwaves is quite similar all over the world.

In Belgium, IKEA electrical appliances, are made by Whirlpool, Electrolux, BSH, and Midea. This is the only IKEA site that actually states this. You can see that the IKEA SMAKSAK bears a striking resemblance to the Frigidaire GMBD3068AF.

In Belgium, IKEA electrical appliances, are made by Whirlpool, Electrolux, BSH, and Midea

The microwaves sold by IKEA in the UK appear to also be made by Electrolux and Frigidaire. The range sold in Canada is similar to those sold in the UK and US, making their manufacturers one and the same.

Is It Worthwhile Getting an IKEA Microwave?

A microwave, unlike a refrigerator or oven, really does not need to be that high-end for its function. If it heats up your food as it should, you’re good to go.

The longer warranty also gives you some security if you are truly worried about the longevity of your appliance, so you will be covered if the appliance malfunctions or needs to be replaced.

So, unless you are a sucker for a fancy brand, and have the money to pay for the difference, then it is probably worth it to go for the IKEA version. The products are still made by highly respected and high-quality brands, so you are in good hands.

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