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Missed IKEA Delivery | Here’s What to Do

Imagine you have been waiting for your IKEA delivery to arrive, but upon the arrival of your scheduled delivery date, you aren’t able to be there for the delivery, causing you to miss it. Alternatively, you wait and wait for them, and they arrive on a random date when you are not at home.

Missing a delivery happens. Emergencies, miscalculations, miscommunications—they happen. So, there is definitely a process for handling these situations.

When a delivery is missed, the items are taken back to the delivery company storehouse or to IKEA. Contact IKEA to arrange re-delivery as soon as possible. While inconvenient, in-person rescheduling is often most effective. The new delivery will be arranged, but a second delivery fee will have to be paid.

How Are You Notified About a Missed Delivery?

It’s reasonable to be worried about receiving a proper notice that you’ve missed your delivery, due to the unreliable nature of the IKEA delivery system.

Since local delivery companies will be handling the actual delivery process, that is where a notice of a missed delivery will come from.

It’s likely that if you miss your delivery, there will be a note on your door with instructions on who to contact next.

You will probably be instructed to contact the delivery company per the notice on your door. However, upon calling the delivery company, they will likely refer you to IKEA.

If in doubt, you can always contact either IKEA or your local delivery company if you think you may have missed your delivery and weren’t notified.

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Arranging Re-Delivery

Who to Contact

If you need to arrange for a new delivery date, you aren’t able to contact the delivery company to handle this.

You will need to talk to IKEA to schedule a new delivery date because the delivery company is getting its information from IKEA, and the mistake will need to be fixed in IKEA’s database.

To get in contact with IKEA, you have the option of calling their customer service phone number. However, phone calls don’t have a great track record of being reliable.

If you’d like to try, you can reach IKEA at the following number during normal business hours: 1-888-888-4532.

For a better chance at getting your order sorted out, you can use the IKEA hidden chat function.

You can access this by adding an item to your cart as if you were placing an order, then clicking on the chat feature that appears in the right corner.

How It Works

To schedule a re-delivery, you will need to contact IKEA and tell them what happened to have it arranged and work out the details.

There is no form that is readily available to be filled out, only the instruction to contact IKEA as soon as possible if you happen to miss your delivery date and need to schedule a new one.

In addition, as far as I can tell, there isn’t a readily available form to fill out for re-delivery or one that IKEA will ask you to fill out upon contacting them.

All you will need to do is call back, work out a new date and time for the delivery, and tell them any details about your space that would help the delivery team upon arrival.

If you’d rather speak to an IKEA customer service representative in person, you can also go in person to a physical store location to arrange for re-delivery.

IKEA store outside

The process for scheduling a new delivery date will not change, it will simply be done in person rather than over the phone or email.

It’s important to note that it may be more reliable to go to the store in-person, as IKEA has a track record of busy phone lines and putting people on hold for long periods of time.

How Long Do You Have?

IKEA doesn’t provide any concrete time limit on contacting them to schedule a re-delivery date for your items.

However, they do repeatedly ask on the website to contact them as soon as possible if you need to make changes to a delivery date or schedule a new one.

I would advise that you get the new delivery date arranged as soon as possible to ensure that no issues occur with the rescheduling process and you will receive your purchase in a timely manner.

Timeline for Re-Delivery

There is no way to know exactly how long it will take for your items to be re-delivered after scheduling a new delivery.

In addition, with the unreliable nature of IKEA deliveries, it’s impossible to know if the new delivery date you have scheduled will end up being the date your items are delivered.

Where I have been speaking about scheduling a re-delivery date, I really mean arranging re-delivery, and they will give you a new estimated date.

If you really scheduled a delivery for a certain date, then this would cost more as it is a different service to IKEA’s standard delivery.

There are many factors that can affect the re-delivery timeline for your items, due to both IKEA and the local delivery company.

When it comes to IKEA, you must take into account that they will need to arrange the delivery again with the local delivery company and make any changes in their system to the original delivery information.

The local delivery company’s time frame will also vary depending on local factors, like traffic, as well as company factors, like how many deliveries they have scheduled on a given day.

Re-Delivery Fee

When a delivery is missed, IKEA will automatically charge a fee for having to schedule a re-delivery of the items.

Delivery man holding two different packages while asking for the receiving sign from the customer in front of the door

This is because the delivery company will need to be compensated again for delivering the item a second time, and IKEA will want compensation for the inconvenience.

IKEA doesn’t state an exact amount for the re-delivery fee on their website. General IKEA delivery fees vary depending on your zip code, and it may be the case for the re-delivery fee as well.

On average, IKEA delivery fees range from around $40-60 depending on the location and the size of the items. It’s reasonable to infer that a re-delivery fee will either be somewhere in this range or less.

How to Track Re-Delivery

If you are hoping to track your new re-delivery order using the IKEA website or app, unfortunately, this may not work as it would for the original order.

The odds are that your previous tracking number will show up as delivered, and it’s not likely that you will automatically get a new tracking number from IKEA upon scheduling a re-delivery.

If you are interested in tracking your re-delivery, the best thing you can do is ask IKEA if there is any way to do this when picking a reschedule date.

They may be able to issue you another tracking number or make changes to the previous number you were assigned.

Can I Collect My Order Instead?

If your delivery is missed and you aren’t able to receive your items, you aren’t able to go to your local IKEA store or distribution center to pick up your order instead.

Per IKEA policy, you are unable to change your mode of delivery or pickup once your items have been paid for.

If you are very set on doing this, you will first need to cancel your order for delivery and make an entirely new one to go pick up the items yourself.

In addition, you will need to set up a Click & Collect order when re-ordering your items, which will allow for you to go pick them up yourself.

Overall, you can’t go pick up your items without completely scrapping your order and making a new one, which could take even longer than simply rescheduling your items to be delivered, and some items may be out of stock.


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