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Where to Buy Discontinued IKEA Furniture | 3 Tips

Seeing a furniture item you’ve had your eye on for a while in IKEA’s Last Chance section can be a frightening experience. Thankfully, products that are discontinued are not always gone forever and can be purchased from a variety of places.

Below is the reason IKEA discontinues items as well as six locations you can purchase discontinued IKEA furniture. I’ve included each stores’ details, as well as the merits and demerits of shopping from them. I also provide helpful tips on avoiding seller dishonesty and how to check the availability of items on IKEA.

Discontinued IKEA furniture won’t be displayed on the regular shelves in IKEA stores. But they can be found on the Last Chance and Bargain/AS-IS sections of the store while stock remains. They can also be purchased via third-party stores like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Discouch, and OfferUp.

Why IKEA Discontinues Products

When shopping at IKEA, whether you’re doing it online or in-person, you may discover that items you saw years ago are no longer on the shelves or no longer listed on the website. This is most likely because they’ve discontinued these items. 

IKEA Furniture

The most common reason IKEA discontinues its products is that they have newer models that meet the same needs. To quote the Last Chance section of IKEA’S online store, “As we clear out the old to make room for exciting new products, be sure to shop now or forever hold your peace!”

As improvements upon older items come out, the new models will likely be favored and the older ones retired.

Another reason why IKEA items may be discontinued is that they are not selling well. In this case, it makes sense to retire them to save time, materials, and money.

Does IKEA Sell Discontinued Products?

It is not likely that you will find discontinued items on IKEA’s regular shelves. However, it is possible to find these items in the Last Chance and Bargain/AS-IS sections of the store. 

Last Chance items are technically not discontinued yet but are about to be pulled from the shelves. They are often discounted to encourage sales.

The Bargain/AS-IS section of the store features discontinued items and customer returns. 

Where to Buy Discontinued Furniture

1. IKEA Store

Visiting the AS-IS section of your local IKEA store is one way to purchase furniture that has been discontinued. Products in this section can be bought as you would buy normal IKEA furniture, although the return and refund rules differ.

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Since the AS-IS section is still a part of IKEA, this makes the process of purchasing furniture more streamlined than if it were sold by a third party. Moreover, items in the AS-IS section will be discounted from their original price and are often 30-60% off. 

The advantages of buying discontinued items from IKEA themselves include lower prices, the ability to bring items home without having to pay for shipping, and a streamlined process

A major downside is that product availability differs from one region to another. So, if you want to make an online purchase of a discontinued item from IKEA USA and you are outside the continental United States (i.e., your local IKEA has sold off their stock), you’d have to use a third-party freight forwarder.   

2. Craigslist

Entering the words “IKEA discontinued” into the search bar would provide results on every discontinued item the site is carrying.  

Before making a purchase, you’ll be asked to state whether you want to purchase from a dealer or an owner, how far out you are willing to travel (if they don’t ship), the price range, and other specifications. 

As mentioned above, as long as both dealer and owner options are available for your desired product, you can choose to order from a company or an independent individual. 

Your Craigslist purchase may either be shipped by the company/dealer or you may have to pick it up yourself. This will be dependent on the seller. 

Depending on the seller, the pricing varies and you may be able to negotiate a lower price. 

The benefits of purchasing from Craigslist include variable pricing, the ability to negotiate, and various picking up/shipping options.

The major drawbacks of purchasing discontinued furniture from Craigslist include limited availability of some products in certain locations, online-only browsing, used items, and possible dishonest sellers (images may not represent the actual condition of the product). 

3. Facebook Marketplace

As with Craigslist, typing “IKEA discontinued” into the Facebook Marketplace will give you a variety of sellers and options. 

Facebook Marketplace has similar specification features as Craigslist but with added color, condition, delivery, and date added options. Facebook Marketplace also has a more attractive and user-friendly interface. 

These products are mostly sold by individuals who use Facebook. Facebook Marketplace shows the profiles of sellers as well as their ratings in qualities such as pricing, reliability, and more.

Facebook Marketplace offers both shipping and local pickup and you are able to sort by which service the sellers offer. It is likely, though, that shipping will not be available for large IKEA furniture, so you might have to personally arrange for the delivery or go and pick it up yourself.

Prices vary slightly and are largely dependent on the seller and how worn-out the item is. If the item looks brand new, the seller might sell it for more than they purchased it. 

Pros of ordering from Facebook Marketplace include a pleasant user interface, ratings of sellers, a range of shipping/pickup options, and an ability to speak with sellers. 

Cons of ordering from Facebook Marketplace include varied availability by location, online-only viewing, used items, and possible dishonest sellers. 

4. eBay

As with the previous two sites, using the keywords “IKEA” and “discontinued” will bring up a variety of results on eBay. 

eBay has similar specifications as Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace with the addition of auction vs. buy-it-now options. Auctions are timed events where bidding is done and the user is able to buy the product if their bid isn’t matched by the time the auction is done.

The majority of sellers on this site are independent individuals selling used items. 

While local pickup is possible and can be opted for, most items on eBay are shipped. The shipping price, as well as the returns policy, are often shown near the product name. Shipping can range from free to about $20.

Unlike previous websites, eBay products can be shipped worldwide. 

As with other sites, pricing is often cheaper than the original price at IKEA but may be higher if the item is unused. 

The merits of using eBay include flexible shipping options, auction deals, worldwide shipping, and return options.

The downsides include losing the item to a higher bid, possible dishonest sellers, and used products.

5. Discouch

Discouch is an IKEA-specific store for used items. 

This site has specific categories, such as chairs, bathroom, etc., where you can search for your desired item. You can also utilize the search bar. 

This is a company, so the items are not being sold by independent individuals. This means that prices are non-negotiable. 

Only shipping is available (no pick up since the store is only online) and they ship across the entire United States. Shipping is free if the order is more than $100 and $10 if the order is under $100. 

The pricing of Discouch items doesn’t seem to differ much from the original pricing. This is most likely because the items are brand new and in their original packaging. 

Pros of purchasing from Discouch are that the products are brand new, the site focuses on IKEA items alone, there is a specific section for discontinued items, and the shipping rates are affordable. 

Cons include very limited availability of discontinued items (most are sold out) and the fact that the items they carry tend to be somewhat small, like storage bins and small chairs. If you are looking for a discontinued sofa, it is not likely they will offer it.

6. OfferUp

Typing the keywords “IKEA” and “discontinued” is likely to bring you the results you’re looking for.

The majority of the sellers on this website are individuals but a company could sell items on here as well.

Much like other websites where individuals sell pre-owned items, shipping as well as local pick up are available. 

For the most part, items on OfferUp seem to be cheaper than if they were purchased from IKEA.

The advantages of using this site include the ability to message sellers, free 2-day purchase protection, and flexibility with pick up/shipping.

However, the drawbacks include possible dishonest sellers, used items, as well as limited availability of large items.

3 Tips for Buying Discontinued IKEA Furniture

1. Product Name or Number

Several of the websites listed above can have dishonest sellers. The pictures added may look like the product you seek but the actual item name and number may be different.

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Be sure the examine the product details for the specific product name and number to make sure the product advertised is the one you are looking for.

2. Standard Price of the Furniture

Even if IKEA doesn’t sell this exact product anymore, you can still look up a similar model and use the price of a brand new, updated version as a comparison.

If the item is listed as used with mild wearing but the price is similar to a new and updated item, the price is most likely unfair. 

3. The Size of the Furniture

As with any sort of online purchasing, not checking the dimensions of items can lead to disappointment when the product arrives.

The picture included may be misleading in terms of size since scale can be adjusted to make an item look bigger or smaller than it actually is.

Looking at the included dimensions will decrease your chances of being misled by the pictures.

How to Check IKEA Product Availability

If you’d like to purchase from IKEA directly but are apprehensive about going to the store and not finding your desired product, you are not alone. This concern is why IKEA provides details about products’ availability on its website. 

On the IKEA website, near the top to the right, you will see a “Select store” option. If you click on this and enter your zip code, it will give you nearby stores you can select. Once a store has been selected, the products offered by the selected store will be labeled as either “out of stock”, “low in stock”, or “in stock.” 

This feature is also available with online shopping if you do not have a store selected.


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