Can You Use Granite Grip on Wood

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Granite Grip can be used on wood, but ease of application, effectiveness, and final look are much less reliable because wood is smoother, more flexible, and more often installed as individual planks. Behr will not honor the product warranty when it is used outside of the prescribed manner.

Behr’s Granite Grip promises to make ground surfaces more durable, attractive, and heat resistant. While it is designed for use on certain materials, many people wonder how these promises translate to unprescribed surfaces, such as a wooden deck.

Granite Grip is designed for use on rough surfaces with some grit to them, and wood is generally much smoother. Using Granite Grip on wood may give you a less satisfactory result, but it can be done.

Manufacturer Specifies Masonry and Concrete

Instructions for use of granite grip (amazon link) specify use on masonry, concrete, brick, and stone. This excludes use on wood. The product works best on textured surfaces like those listed. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot use it on wood, it will just work differently and the results will be more varied.

When planning to use Granite Grip on wood, it may be helpful to explore other options first before committing to this product. There are other surface coats designed specifically for wood (amazon link) that make them anti-slip, and there are paints and finishes that can make wood floors look more attractive as well. 

Potential Issues With Use on Wood

While there’s nothing stopping you from using granite grip on wood, it’s important to consider how different wood and concrete/masonry are. This can help better estimate some of the drawbacks of using granite grip on this less than preferred surface.

Concrete, masonry, and stone are all porous materials. They are textured even when covered in paint, so they need a material that will be able to fill in all the little cracks and holes in the surface.

When applied to a smoother material like wood, it may want to pool up rather than apply evenly since there aren’t so many little textured holes. You also may find that the product peels after a while due to not sticking properly.

Grungy wood background

Additionally, these materials are rock solid, much less flexible than wood. Wood expands and contracts with wear and tear. It can also bend, unlike concrete. This flexibility of the wood will make it harder for the Granite Grip to stick. As the wood expands, the Granite Grip can crack.

Another potential issue results from the cracks between wood planks if the wood surface is made of planks. When applying Granite Grip, it is important to brush over and fill in in all hairline cracks in concrete before moving on to brushing over the entire surface of the area. With wood planks, you’d have many more cracks to brush by hand, making application a much more difficult process.

Considerations When Using on Wood

There are several different considerations regarding Granite Grip’s use that may affect how it applies onto wood.

No Vertical Surfaces

According to Behr’s instructions for installation of Granite Grip, it should not be used on vertical surfaces. This is because the formula needs to be heavy to fill in cracks and holes. When applied vertically, the formula will not adhere well and will not fill the holes and cracks as well.

Not for Areas That Experience Hydrostatic Pressure

The manufacturer also warns against using Granite Grip on areas that are subjected to hydrostatic pressure. The formula is not created to withstand hydrostatic pressure, so it is not made to coat the inside of a pool or pond.

Additionally, this means that it should not be pressure washed, because this can lead to premature coat failure.

Estimated (and Warrantied) Lifespan Affected

Granite Grip is warranted for one year after the purchase date. If the product fails to perform to manufacturer specifications within a year of purchase, they will either provide you with the same amount of Granite Grip as originally purchased or refund the product.

However, if Granite Grip is applied on wood, the lifespan may be shorter than expected, and the warranty may be void due to not following the manufacturer instructions.

Appearance Can Differ From Expectations

Since Granite Grip is meant to be applied onto a slightly bumpy surface and give a bumpy appearance, application on wood may cause the appearance to look different.

Floor -Tex 40 Textured Concrete Coating (Custom Color)

Behr suggests applying to a surface that feels like 150 grit sandpaper. Since wood is smoother, the granite grip may not apply as evenly. It may not come out looking the same as it looks on concrete.  

If you are looking for a good, water-resistant coating for a wooden deck or similar, then you can also try Drylok, which comes in a number of tints and finishes, and has been successfully used on wood by many people.


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